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Featured Vesta is at my place - Project #1 - Casa Valentina blindsVesta is at my place - Project #1

Vesta is at my place sounds like the intriguing title of a movie, and is the name chosen by Casa Valentina for our new brand of accessories and furnishings.

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Vesta is the name of the Roman goddess protector of the house and of its inhabitants, therefore it is the most appropriate deity to symbolically represent the values of the home. The creation of a new brand, with a name that stands out for its originality, comes from the desire to offer new product lines characterised by high quality Italian design, making them unique, recognisable and contemporary furnishings. Not surprisingly, the signature that opens a series of proposals for Vesta is at my place is that of the well-known design studio Giulio Lacchetti, creating a collection that maintains the established quality of Casa Valentina.

Project #1 is a line of innovative roller blinds, available in a wide range of solutions and finishes, designed for installation in horizontal or vertical windows, but also as room dividers. As a result of their design, they are real pieces of furniture.

It is the first in a line of new cutting edge designs that Vesta is at my place is undertaking with great enthusiasm and planning.

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