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Hidden roller blind

Casa Valentina Uk -

Roller systems that allow flush mounting in plaster ceilings.

Our completely innovative solution allows the roller system Project #1 of Vesta is at my place to integrate fully within your existing ceilings. Only the ivory white closure panel of the system remains externally visible. The spill slot in the curtain cloth, once wrapped up with the fabric via the remote control or home automation system, is closed by the weight of the cloth itself.

A simple mounting system allows it to adapt to all types of the plasterboard false ceilings, answering any architectural and aesthetic requirements.

The canvas tent is available through a wide range of fabrics from Casa Valentina, and can be used both to obscure and protect against external light and as a room divider between multiple environments - a new solution that allows you to reinvent the architectural environment in which you live.

Ceiling mounting roller blinds

Casa Valentina Uk -

Our new concept in interior roller blinds, easily installed on the wall or ceiling and the result of careful technological research. It is not a simple roller furling system, but a complete piece of furniture that goes beyond classic design concepts.

Vesta is at my place represents the present and future of Italian style applied to roller shutter systems for all environments. Available in ivory white, brushed aluminum, coloured steel and oak finishes.

Wall mounting roller blinds

Casa Valentina Uk -

Owing to the simplicity of installation, the wide range of Casa Valentina fabrics and remote handling systems or home automation version, make Project # 1 of Vesta is at my place the ideal product for any environment, both residential and commercial. Available in ivory coated aluminum and aluminum anodized satin-finished steel. The innovative sealing system uses the weight of the fabric and can be requested with oak finish.

About Casa Valentina

Casa Valentina Uk -

Casa Valentina was founded in Italy in 1983 and has established itself as a leading international manufacturer, supplier and installer of custom-made blinds and curtains.

Our blinds and curtains are made in our factory in Italy, using only the finest components and materials. We design, manufacture and install cutting edge window solutions to the interior design trade and to householders, both in the UK and internationally. Our brand is known for innovation, craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

Over 30 years ago, we began manufacturing brackets and tracks from brass. Following the success of these products, we began working with iron, steel and aluminium. Combining these materials with decorative elements made from crystal, Murano glass, strass Swarovski, ceramics and wood, enabled us to meet clients increasing demand for uniquely bespoke window solutions. We later developed into producing roller blinds which can be customised to clients exacting specifications. The combination of our wide choice of fabrics, made from natural fibres and ecological materials, along with our innovative roller blind systems have proved to be hugely popular. The successful team in our manufacturing premises manage large scale interior design projects, incorporating stunning quality and Italian styling to our designs. The success of our brand has been based on the quality of our products, quick and reliable lead times of 24 or 48 hours, and a commitment to the best customer service throughout the company.

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